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Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts


The perfect getaway is one that gives you memories you would never want to forget. It gives you experiences like you have never had before. It excites you but it also relaxes you. Being in those moments feels like you belong.

Discover serenity like never before at the Grand Shikaar Parks and Resorts. Take a stroll into the wilderness, breathe in the fresh air, taste the hunt, and indulge in fun activities for the perfect getaway. With more than 22 natural lakes and 100 chalets built around it in Phase 01, it is the perfect resort to experience tranquility in a whole new light. Just 40 mins away from main Islamabad city is your chance to experience heaven in the wild.


Nestled in the lush green views of Fateh Jang, 30 minutes from the Islamabad International Airport and easily accessible from Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad City. The Grand Shikaar Parks & Resorts is just as accessible as it is enjoyable for both, locals and for those coming from abroad.


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